Every day I choose…

I started to think about these just a few days ago, after making a special person angry. I was a bit sad and wanted to say sorry to him.

A text message was sent.

Just, to never get back.

In moments I realize how vulnerable we are. And rapports are just totally breakable.

Hence, I decide.

From now on, I would live every day as if It were my last day.

And every day, I choose…

I choose Kindness even to those unkind, because of such is how I am treated.


I choose Goodness to free my mind.


I choose Gentleness for all creatures, though alive or dead.


I choose Faithfulness to all my beloved.


I choose Patience to all difficulties.


I choose Joy for how I will live.


I choose Lve for every second I am still alive.


And every day I choose Happiness, because I know that Happiness is the journey, not the destination.

So, every day I choose Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Patience, Joy, Love and Happiness. To those I commit my days.

And you, what do you choose every day?

With love,



One Response to “Every day I choose…”
  1. HaNoMi says:

    Bạn Vans bận việc gì mà lâu rùi không thấy update blog gì cả 🙂 Về nhanh đi nào, nhà cửa bám bụi rùi nè 😛

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