Yesterday, after finishing the weekly house chores, I had a terrible headache.

It kept irritating me all night long.

How terrible!

When I was a child, an Easter Fortune teller told me that I was born under a powerful star – the Sun. That lucky gimme a clear mind, quick – thinking and good organization skill in one hand. On the other hand, my brain would have to put up with a lot of stress. I would have abnormal periods, sore eyes and lots of mental illness.

Well, at least he was right at my health. I have serious short sight and painful head.


4 Responses to “Headache”
  1. Tâm Thiền says:

    Do some zen then you will be refresh 😀

  2. Vanessa Vu says:

    Thank you so much but It seem useless for this situation, I’d better take some pills.
    Anyway, I gonna apply for a professional guide for meditation. I heard that we should be guide to breath and seat properly or It will be ineffectual.

  3. Tâm Thiền says:

    That’s right, you should take a course of practicing breath.
    And we also should combine medicine and meditation to raise not only our health but also our spirit.
    Have a nice day 🙂

  4. HaNoMi says:

    hic… poor my girl 😦 are you feeling better now?

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