[Daily Horoscopes] 13.04.2011


03/21 - 04/19

You’ll be eager for a little fun and romance, and you really ought to give some thought to how you can liven up your romantic relationships. Don’t be afraid to express yourself today. You should be able to come up with some creative solutions to any difficult situations that have been demanding some attention.

Your charm and charisma will really be on the rise, and your creative energies should be peaking too. So try to make the most of this while you can. If you’re just willing to make an effort, you should be able to start turning around many aspects of your life that you’ve been less than happy with lately. Mantra: Unity.


04/20 - 05/20

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to spend as much time as you can with your family and loved ones today. A little quiet time should do a lot to recharge and revitalize you right now. You also ought to be able to accomplish quite a few things around the house by the end of the day.

Personal and family concerns should end up occupying your attention much more than anything else today. You’ll really get a lot out of spending time with your family. And you ought to think about having a few people over to your house tonight. Mantra: Virtue.


05/21 - 06/21

You’ll be eager to express your feelings to a loved one today, and there should be some promising relationship opportunities for you to take advantage of if you’re willing to take the initiative. So just be sure to let go of the past so that you can look forward to everything the future has to hold.

Try to make a positive fresh start today by changing some of your ways of thinking and communicating if you can. You really ought to have the chance to set things right with some of your friends, and some good times with your family should be on the agenda as well. Mantra: Self-Expression.


06/22 - 07/22

It’d be a good time to give a little thought to how you might be able to increase your income. You may feel like throwing your money around a bit today, but try to avoid engaging in too much impulsive spending if you can help it. A few promising new developments should be bringing a pleasant relief to an otherwise busy day.

You’ll be in high demand at the moment, and other people are bound to want your help with a number of different things. Just don’t be surprised if you end up having to deal with some tricky financial matters today. Mantra: Sensitivity.


07/23 - 08/22

You should be feeling pretty satisfied with your progress at the moment. You ought to be able to express yourself very clearly today. And if you can just manage to deal with any difficult issues as openly and honestly as possible, you ought to be able to put them behind you and start making some fresh starts.

You’ll be feeling increasingly ambitious in the coming days, and your personal confidence should be steadily growing as you work towards creating some positive new opportunities for yourself. Just make sure that you’re not too overly optimistic. Remember that there may still be a few tricky details left to work out. Mantra: Mantra: Clarity.


08/23 - 09/22

Your family and your finances are bound to be requiring a great deal of your attention at the moment. Just be careful not to burn any bridges. Plenty of new opportunities should be headed your way soon, and the people you help today could end up returning the favor before long.

Don’t be surprised if your intuition is very strong today. Your dreams should end up providing you with plenty of valuable insights as well. Just don’t allow yourself to obsess over certain issues when there’s really no point in it. Mantra: Loyalty.


09/23 - 10/22

Other people should be more than willing to help and support you at this time. Try to give a little thought to some of your ambitions and aspirations today. Just make sure that you’ve chosen some worthwhile goals for yourself. And try not to worry too much about what other people might think.

You’ll be feeling pretty sociable at the moment, and you should really try to have a little fun with some of your friends and loved ones today. You could even end up making a few new friends before the end of the day. Mantra: Assurance.



10/23 - 11/21

Some interesting new developments will end up requiring a great deal of your attention today. If some new opportunities pop up, just be careful not to act too quickly. Try to be patient and remain focused. Many things will soon be clarified and you’ll know just where everything stands before long.

Remember to take care of your most important responsibilities and obligations today. And don’t be surprised if some people have a few ideas they’d like to involve you in. An awful lot will be happening for you right now, and you ought to feel like you’re starting to make some real progress. Mantra: Imagination.


11/22 - 12/21

You’ll really be eager to enjoy a few new experiences today. Anything different or unusual ought to appeal to you right now, and you shouldn’t be afraid to have yourself an interesting little adventure or two. Just be sure that you put any unnecessary worries or fears aside so that you can really make the most of things.

Do your best to make some positive fresh starts today, and try not to let anything stand in your way. You ought to have the chance to set things right with your children or loved ones, and a few other interesting new opportunities should be just around the corner for you as well. Mantra: Inspiration.


12/22 - 01/19

Try to pay plenty of attention to any issues involving your home or family today. And make sure that you shore up any important foundations in your life. Don’t be afraid to take as much time as necessary to make sure that you get everything ironed out to your satisfaction.

Some opportunities to improve your financial situation should be available to you at this time. And dealing with any sort of negotiations or agreements should be high on your agenda. Remember to encourage open communication and to make your points as clearly as possible. If you don’t make an effort to do this, some unpleasant misunderstandings could result. Mantra: Discipline.


01/20 - 02/18

Partnership matters will be your main focus today, and you should have the opportunity to resolve a few issues in your most important relationships. Try to take advantage of this helpful energy to set things right while you can. Even if a lot is expected of you, you’ll be more than up to the task.

You may feel like everyone wants something from you today. Just try not to be too upset if you end up feeling a little exhausted by all the demands of friends and loved ones. They could even be springing a few surprises on you before the end of the day. Mantra: Optimism.


02/19 - 03/20

Try to focus on dealing with all your responsibilities today. No matter how much you’ve got to take care of, you’ll be more than capable of handling anything that’s put in front of you. Just be sure to make your intentions absolutely clear if you want to avoid any potential misunderstandings.

A variety of duties and obligations will really end up keeping you busy today. If other people have dropped a lot on your plate lately, try not to let it all stress you out too much. And just remember that your efforts to help others should be well rewarded. Mantra: Transformation.


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