[Daily Horoscopes] 11.04.2011


03/21 - 04/19


You’ll be feeling a little adventurous at the moment, but try to remember to exercise a little discipline and self-restraint. If you can just manage to do this, then you really ought to be able to give yourself a shot at making a few fresh starts right now. And if you play your cards right, you should be able to enjoy a really productive day today.

You ought to be able to start turning many of your problems around at this time, and your biggest asset is likely to be your own personality. You’ll be feeling pretty energetic today, but you may be tempted to overdo things a bit. Mantra: Unity.


04/20 - 05/20


You’ll be doing an awful lot of work behind the scenes, and you should be able to accomplish a lot more on your own than by working with others today. Don’t be afraid to make a few sacrifices on behalf of others. Just don’t get too discouraged if other people don’t immediately recognize all your efforts.

It’s an excellent time for finishing up some old projects and getting ready to begin some new ones. So don’t hesitate to start wrapping things up now so that you can be ready to start moving in some whole new directions. You should be feeling the tide starting to turn in your favor before long. Mantra: Virtue.


05/21 - 06/21


Your social life will really be starting to take a turn for the better today. Just try not to get too carried away with things if you can help it. Many of your goals should be within your reach at this time. And you may want to start to think about setting some new ambitions for yourself.

If you’ve been working hard and trying to be very responsible lately, now would be the perfect time to get out and have a little fun with some old friends and acquaintances. You should even have the chance to make a few new friends today. Mantra: Self-Expression.


06/22 - 07/22


Try to remain positive and don’t create any unnecessary trouble for yourself today. Just make an effort to put any old concerns aside and get ready to start moving forward into the future. You should be able to impress some important people and start making some real progress in the days ahead.

Be ready to take full advantage of all the new opportunities that are bound to be coming your way. Despite any positive developments that are going on around you, you may still be worrying about some lingering issues. But just be aware that many of your aspirations could be realized before long. Mantra: Sensitivity.


07/23 - 08/22


It’s time for you to accept some new challenges and to start making some changes in your life. You’re getting ready to begin some very interesting new adventures, so you better be prepared. Now would be a great time for you to really take the initiative and try to broaden your horizons in any way you can.

Don’t be afraid to get out there and have a little fun and enjoy some new experiences today. You ought to have a bit of a wandering spirit at the moment, so you really ought to take the opportunity to plan some type of trip or even begin some new course of study. Mantra: Clarity.



08/23 - 09/22


If you’ve been working hard and been very focused lately, some people should finally be starting to notice. Your intuition will be running high today, and you really ought to be able to get to the bottom of a few things right now. If someone wants your opinion, don’t hesitate to let them know what you really think.

A few chances to improve your financial situation will be crossing your path at this time. Some kind of other opportunity that you’ve been waiting for should soon be headed your way as well. And you’ll be surprised at how helpful and supportive people can be. Mantra: Loyalty.


09/23 - 10/22


You should be having the chance to make some positive new beginnings, so get ready to take the initiative. Try to strengthen your bonds with those closest to you as well. Your past efforts should really be paying off and you ought to be able to get many things moving in the right direction again.

Partnerships of all types will really be in the spotlight for you at the moment. You’re bound to be doing a lot of thinking about any important issues in your relationships, and some type of resolution should finally be reached. Your cooperative attitude will be a great asset in everything that you do today. Mantra: Assurance.


10/23 - 11/21


Even if you still have a few minor doubts, you should be feeling a lot more certain about the path you’d like to be on at this time. Some new developments should prove to be highly favorable to you. And if you’ve been having any questions about your future, things will start to seem a lot clearer today.

If you’ve been working on any new ideas or projects, now’s a good time to take a look at things and decide whether or not you want to keep moving forward with them. Some important questions should be resolved today, and some new opportunities should be popping up before the end of the day. Mantra: Imagination.


11/22 - 12/21


It’ll be a good time for you to get out and have a little fun today, so don’t be afraid to take center stage and let your light shine. Some enjoyable romantic opportunities should be keeping things interesting for you, and your positive attitude really ought to help you out today.

Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, plenty of people should be willing to help and support you at this time. And if you’re called upon to take the lead in any situations today, you should really have what it takes to inspire others. Mantra: Inspiration.


12/22 - 01/19


You should think about inviting a few folks over tonight since you’ll want to enjoy as much time around the house as possible. If you’ve been feeling that some people don’t really appreciate everything you do, just realize that the people around you really do respect your efforts even if it doesn’t always seem like it.

Any issues involving your family will really end up dominating your agenda at the moment. And if a few unexpected developments pop up on the home front, you’ll definitely want to let your family know exactly how you feel about everything that’s going on around the house right now. Mantra: Discipline.



01/20 - 02/18


You’re bound to be pretty busy today. And if you’re worrying about a few difficult situations, just remember to remain flexible and open-minded and everything should turn out much better than you imagined. Some new developments should keep you hopping today, but you ought to be able to relax and have a little fun later tonight.

Any discussions or negotiations are likely to go in your favor today, and resolving some key issues and concerns ought to be much easier than you thought. You shouldn’t end up meeting with too much resistance on any front at the moment. Mantra: Optimism.


02/19 - 03/20


A few financial issues will be taking center stage for you today. If you have some concerns that you’re a little reluctant to let anyone else know about, just do what you can to put any worries aside for the time being. Just realize that your fears are largely unfounded and things are bound to end up working themselves out before long.

Once you’ve gotten any important financial situations taken care of, you should finally be able to relax and have a little fun. Just be careful that you don’t get carried away and end up spending a little more than you really should. Mantra: Transformation.



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