[Daily Horoscopes] 10.04.2011



03/21 - 04/19



If you’ve been starting to give a little thought to moving, try to explore your options without making any solid plans just yet. Once you’ve checked everything out, then you can discuss all your thoughts and ideas with your family and loved ones. You’ll be in a better position to make more intelligent decisions later on than you can at the moment.

Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling a little restless and irritable today. You’ll be busy dealing with all sorts of different things around the house. And it’d be a good idea to start trying to improve your living situation in any way you can. Mantra: Adaptability.



04/20 - 05/20



You’ll be quite busy today, and you should end up receiving some very interesting news before the end of the day. You’re very close to taking some major steps forward right now. Just make sure that you consider the source of any information you receive, and be certain that you thoroughly research any opportunities that may be coming your way. Things might not always be what they seem today.

You should be more than ready to make a few changes when it comes to certain situations you haven’t been entirely happy with, but don’t expect that you’ll be able to get things cleared up right away. The moment to leap into action may not have arrived for you just yet. Mantra: Thriftiness.


05/21 - 06/21


Even if certain people are giving you a bit of a hard time today, just remember to keep your cool. Some personal and financial issues are bound to be a little up in the air right now. But just do your best to keep moving forward even if many things are still a bit unsettled.

You’ll be called upon to be a little more flexible and adaptable than usual today, so be careful not to allow yourself to become too rigid. And try to focus a little energy on taking care of some practical concerns before the end of the day. If you can just manage to get a few things taken care of, then you ought to be able to relax and have a good time later tonight. Mantra: Confidence.



06/22 - 07/22



You’ll need to spend a fair amount of time on the home front today, and a few things around the house are bound to start irritating you. But if you’re feeling a little moody or emotional at the moment, don’t worry. Things should start settling down a bit by the end of the day.

If a few personal issues have been a bit up in the air for a while now, you should have the chance to start making some fresh starts today. Just try not to waste your time struggling with things you really can’t control. Mantra: Sacrifice.



07/23 - 08/22



If you’re feeling a little uncertain about many things at the moment, just make sure that you don’t underestimate your own abilities. You may feel like others are a little more in control of things than you’d like. But just remember that if you’re willing to work hard, you ought to be able to achieve some of your most important goals.

Your thoughts will be a little scattered today, and others are bound to misunderstand your intentions if you’re not careful. If you have the feeling that many things are about to change for you, you may be right. Just try not to let fear or guilt hold you back right now. Mantra: Originality.



08/23 - 09/22



You’ll be feeling quite sociable at the moment. But if you’re not careful, there could be some conflicts with your friends over the subject of money, and someone may feel that they’re being taken advantage of in some way. Whatever happens though, it’d be a good idea to keep a close eye on your money today, and just try to keep from spending too much of it if you can.

You’ll find that other people tend to misinterpret your words or actions today, and you may even wind up being blamed for something that’s not your fault. Just be careful that you’re not too overly optimistic or some people are bound to end up letting you down. Mantra: Respect.



09/23 - 10/22



If you’ve been feeling very ambitious and hard-working lately, just realize that your efforts are appreciated even if it’s a little hard to tell. Some difficult situations are bound to start getting on your nerves today. But if you feel your frustration level starting to rise, just try to remember to keep your calm.

Try to work through any impatience or anxiety today the best you can. A lot of people have their eyes on you at the moment, so be sure to give your best to everything you do. And just be careful that you don’t end up over-extending yourself right now. Mantra: Exploration.



10/23 - 11/21



Try to keep focused on some of the areas of your life that you know you can be productive in today. Just do your best to keep moving things forward any way you can, and don’t let anyone else get in your way. If you waste time waiting around for anyone else to help you out, you’ll end up missing out on some important opportunities.

Even if you’re feeling pretty confident at the moment, there may still be a few worries or fears that have been weighing on your mind lately. And you really ought to try to share some of your doubts with someone else today. Mantra: Intensity.



11/22 - 12/21



Your finances will be a big focus for you today. Your head will be spinning with a number of different ideas, and you could be coming up with a few new plans for improving your own financial security. Just try not to get too angry or irritated if you find yourself faced with any delays or disruptions.

If certain financial issues leave you feeling a little confused, don’t worry. Things should end up sorting themselves out before long. Your intuition will be quite strong today, so don’t hesitate to let it help guide your course. Mantra: Harmony.



12/22 - 01/19



Even if everything seems a little complicated today, try to take a step back and realize that many things really are moving in a positive direction for you. The future should soon be bringing you even more rewards for all your efforts, so try not to let your thoughts be dominated by unnecessary fears and concerns.

A few partnership issues will be weighing on your mind today. And even if you seem to be making progress with some business or personal relationships, you still won’t be entirely certain where things stand right now. Just realize that plenty of unanswered questions should be resolved to your satisfaction before long. Mantra: Service.



01/20 - 02/18


There’s an awful lot that you’ll need to take care of at the moment, but you can accomplish a great deal if you just concentrate on what really needs to get done. Even if you still have a few fears in the back of your mind, just try to put any uncertainties aside and focus on the tasks at hand.

You can accomplish the most today by keeping your eye on your goals and trying to move things forward any way you can. Despite any obstacles, you ought to be able to make some real progress right now. Just try to work through any problems the best you can. Mantra: Courage.




02/19 - 03/20


With everything that’s going on around you today, just be sure that you take the time to focus on your main objectives. Try to put any worries aside and get a little perspective on things. You ought to realize that you need very little to get where you want to go right now.

You really ought to be on the go today, and some romantic and financial opportunities should be starting to come into focus for you. People won’t always appreciate the way you go about expressing yourself right now though. And if you have any children, they could prove to be a bit of a handful. Mantra: Compassion.



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