Pray for Japan – Pray for the world

I have just read about the newest aftershock happened in Hanamiki in north-east Japan. It struck just before the midnight on Thursday.

There was not much people killed or injured this time. However, several buildings was destroyed and power was cut to thousands home.

Fortunately, everything was brought to under-controlled soon after that.

It is said that the aftershocks may last for many years after a tremendous quake.

I have never written anything about this topic as there were plenty of similar stories online. All what I have done was silently pray for Japanese’s safety and donate a small amount of money to The Red cross.

Days after the magnitudinous Earthquake and Tsunami, and even the Nuclear Explosion, I still keep watching them via the Internet and am happy to witness their incredible speed of reconstruction.

I believe that Japanese is impregnable. They own such a steely willing that may lead them to overcome any difficulties.

After suffering all the worst, they still stand firm and try their hardest to rebuild their country.

Seizing how they have done up to now, I suppose that every body will agree that they deserve no more pain.

Let’s pray for Japan, Let’s pray for the world!


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