[Daily Horoscopes] 08.04.2011


03/21 - 04/19


Whether or not you like it, your words and actions are being noticed by others right now. So be careful to watch what you say or you could end up being misunderstood. People will be looking to you for a certain amount of guidance today. So just make sure that you take the time to choose your words wisely.

If things don’t go as planned today, you’ll get rather easily annoyed and may want to criticize others. But try not to blame other people if things get difficult. If you’re just willing to take responsibility for things, everything should end up going much more smoothly in the end. Mantra: Adaptability.



04/20 - 05/20


You ought to be feeling pretty ambitious today, and you should have the drive and energy needed to start pursuing some of your goals and aspirations. Just try not to let any fears or uncertainties slow you down. Financial issues should prove to be a big focus for you right now.

This would be an excellent time to really start thinking about some of your financial goals. Just make sure you know what you need to do in order to achieve them. Things could be getting a little tense today. So just be careful about getting into any arguments with others over money matters if you can help it. Mantra: Thriftiness.



05/21 - 06/21


You should be feeling quite confident and energetic today. If you can just manage to communicate your sense of enthusiasm to others, people should really pay attention to you and you ought to be able to motivate everyone around you. Remember to be your most positive and inspiring self and you really ought to be able to get what you want right now.

You should have a lot more control over things than you realize, so don’t be afraid to step up and take charge. Your belief in yourself can really make the difference. Just be careful that your attitude doesn’t end up rubbing a few other people the wrong way. Mantra: Confidence.



06/22 - 07/22


If you feel like many things in your life are a little up in the air at the moment, this is bound to leave you feeling a bit stressed out. A few people could be withholding something from you or may not be willing to cooperate with all your plans. But if certain people are not able to be fully honest with you, then you just ought to stay away from them for the time being.

Others may be working against you behind the scenes today, so don’t be surprised if some people seem to be avoiding you a bit. Just realize that a little exercise should do a lot to help relieve some tension right now. Mantra: Sacrifice.



07/23 - 08/22


Make sure that any financial agreements that you participate in right now are well thought out and clearly understood by everyone involved. You ought to see if you can hold off on finalizing any plans and just keep all your options open for a while. Just don’t be afraid to seek out the advice of any friends who ought to be able to offer you some useful advice.

If you’ve been having some trouble with any of your friends lately, you’re bound to be feeling a little uncertain about the best way to go about handling things right now. But don’t feel that you have to come to any firm conclusions just yet. Mantra: Originality.



08/23 - 09/22


Most things ought to end up going pretty smoothly for you today. You won’t have to do much to make a positive impression on others, and people should really appreciate all your efforts. So be ready to take advantage of any chance to get ahead. Just be careful that you don’t burn any bridges behind you.

You should be feeling quite driven to succeed in everything you do right now, and some interesting or unusual opportunities are bound to be crossing your path. Your personal magnetism should be quite strong at the moment, and most people ought to be easily charmed by you today. Mantra: Respect.



09/23 - 10/22


Your success should depend largely on your own efforts today. So try to do things your own way, and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way or slow you down. You won’t have much use for the restrictions of others, so just try to rise above it all if you can.

You ought to be able to get a lot more done by yourself right now because other people will only provide you with endless distractions. Even though you’re bound to be craving a little fun and excitement today, just try to keep focused on the big picture and don’t let yourself get sidetracked by other issues. Mantra: Exploration.



10/23 - 11/21


If there have been a lot of changes starting to take place in your life lately, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling a little emotional today. It’s a good time to really get to the bottom of things, and you ought to be able to benefit from some helpful advice or guidance. Just realize that there will still be a few important issues left to resolve before you’re ready to start on any new projects or endeavors.

You should be entering a period of significant change right now. And you shouldn’t be afraid to seek the advice of friends you trust when it comes to making any important decisions. Certain people should even be willing to help you out financially if you need it. Mantra: Intensity.



11/22 - 12/21


You’ll tend to want to dominate situations today, but try to remember that you can’t always control everything. Other people you are relying on are bound to have some other things that will need to be dealt with before they’ll be able to be of any help to you. So just remember to try to be patient.

If you’ve been eager to resolve a relationship issue, it wouldn’t be a great time to try to push things forward right now. Even though you know what you’d like to see happen, it will still be a little while before the timing is right. Mantra: Harmony.



12/22 - 01/19


Today ought to be a pretty busy day for you. But if you feel that your efforts are not being fully appreciated by everyone around you, just remember that you have the responsibility for making the situation better for yourself. And now would be the perfect time for you to start doing something about it.

If you feel like all your abilities haven’t really been put to use lately, you’re bound to be eager to get things going. Just take the time to carefully consider your position right now. And if you’re not happy about some things, it’d be a good time for you to start speaking up. Mantra: Service.



01/20 - 02/18


If you’re considering making any kind of major purchase today, try not to let yourself get too carried away with things. If you’re feeling inclined to want to go a little overboard, there could be a real price to pay for it later. And you really ought to think about learning something new at this time since you should be more than ready to start exploring some interesting new things.

Your creative energies should be running high, and you’ll have a strong urge to want to express yourself in some way right now. Your desire for romance should also be on the rise, and you ought to be quite willing to openly express your feelings for someone today. Mantra: Courage.



02/19 - 03/20


A few issues will really be weighing on your mind today, and you ought to be putting a lot of thought or effort into some financial concerns right now. It’d be a good time to try to examine any lingering doubts or worries you’re having. You may realize that some of your fears are unfounded.

Your home life is bound to be a little unsettled today. Nothing will be too predictable around the house right now, so you just ought to get used to it. And you really shouldn’t expect your partner to be helping matters much either. Just try to avoid any unpleasant conflicts if you can. Mantra: Compassion.




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