[Daily Horoscopes] 07.04.2011


03/21 - 04/19

You should be a little wary of any information that’ll be coming your way today. And you really shouldn’t rely on the advice of others. Your intuition should be quite strong right now, and you really ought to remember to listen to the wisdom of your own inner voice.

Try not to let any irrational thoughts or worries bother you too much today. Your mind could be a little hazy at the moment. You won’t really be communicating all that well either, and this could lead to a few messy misunderstandings if you’re not careful. Mantra: Adaptability.



04/20 - 05/20

You’ll be tempted to do a little impulsive spending today. If you end up having a few misunderstandings with some friends or loved ones over the subject of money, just try to have as conciliatory an attitude as you possibly can. And don’t allow old fears and concerns to get in the way of any new ideas or plans for the future.

A variety of financial issues will really be starting to weigh on your mind today, and you may not be quite sure what to do about things. You’d certainly like to have things resolved as quickly as possible, but there are bound to be a few confusing issues that will have to be sorted out first. Mantra: Thriftiness.


05/21 - 06/21

If many things seem a bit unsettled at the moment, you’ll just have to hold on and be patient for a little while longer before most matters will be resolved to your satisfaction. And just realize that you’d really benefit from taking the opportunity to learn some new skills or to help teach or motivate others right now.

If a few delays seem to be slowing things down a bit, don’t worry. You should be able to leap into action before long. Even if you’re filled with lots of enthusiasm and plenty of new plans and ideas today, it just won’t be the right time for you to put them into play quite yet. Mantra: Confidence.


06/22 - 07/22

An old issue that hasn’t been fully resolved is bound to lead to some trouble for you today. Be sure that you make every effort to get your points across clearly and to understand exactly what others are trying to say. If you aren’t able to do this, then some real misunderstandings could result.

You’ll be feeling a little insecure or withdrawn, and many things will seem a bit murky today. A number of important issues will really be calling out for a little reflection and re-examination. But your intuition should be quite strong, so just try to let it guide your course. Mantra: Sacrifice.


07/23 - 08/22

Be careful not to jump into any new situations without examining all your options and relying on the advice of others whom you trust. Whatever you do, don’t be hasty. Just remember that any plans you make will turn out much better if you allow yourself plenty of time to think things through first.

You should try to take a little time to reflect on some of your goals and ambitions if you can. You could really benefit from the help or guidance of a few friends. And if you’ve been feeling a desire to want to help out others, just see what you can do to make things a little better for someone else today. Mantra: Originality.


08/23 - 09/22

If you’re not feeling all that motivated today, some people really won’t appreciate your attitude. And if you’re a little uncertain about where you’re headed at this time, you’d be much better off just taking the time to reflect on things rather than trying to push things forward. You ought to be in a much better position to start making some major strides forward again before long.

Try not to spend too much time focusing on any worries or concerns you’re having about your career and professional life. If you allow yourself to dwell on the negative, you’ll just end up undermining your own position right now. Mantra: Respect.


09/23 - 10/22

You ought to be feeling pretty excitable and enthusiastic today. Just be careful that you don’t get carried away and end up promising other people more than you can really deliver. Don’t be afraid to level with people, and try to remember to keep all your options open.

You’re bound to be quite charismatic at the moment, and this should cause you to be very much in demand right now. You’ll really want to do anything you can to make your loved ones feel good today. And you may even tell your partner whatever you think they want to hear just to make them happy. Mantra: Exploration.


10/23 - 11/21

Some important people will be watching you today, so just think carefully before you say or do anything. And remember to listen carefully to your own intuition. Also be sure to watch out for some misunderstandings about money. Conflicts with friends and loved ones are bound to be popping up if you’re not careful, and they could end up getting a little out of hand if you don’t handle things properly.

You ought to make an effort to keep a few things to yourself today. Just realize that most things should turn out better if you don’t reveal everything. Be sure to listen to what others have to say, but just keep your own opinions to yourself for the time being. Mantra: Intensity.


11/22 - 12/21

You’ll be a little uncertain about how to handle some people today. If you’ve been wondering if it’s safe to trust certain people, you’d be wise to be a little skeptical. And if you wind up making a few mistakes, just make sure that you take the opportunity to learn as much as you possibly can from all your mistakes.

Partnerships and relationships of all kinds are bound to be a little unsettled for you today. And if you feel that someone has been dominating your life a bit too much lately, you’ll really be wishing that you could just get away from all the expectations of others right now. Mantra: Harmony.


12/22 - 01/19

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with everything today, just try not to let yourself get too annoyed if things don’t always end up working out or going your way. Many of these little problems will eventually be resolved, and you ought to be able to get back on track and start moving things forward again before long.

It’s bound to be a somewhat confusing day for you on many fronts, and you may feel like you’re really not quite up to dealing with everything. Try not to get too tense or stressed out if you’re feeling frustrated in your efforts to get ahead or make progress. And just try to see if you can manage to do a little something to help out others today. Mantra: Service.


01/20 - 02/18

Remember to approach everything with as constructive an attitude as possible today. You’ll be expected to take the lead in many different situations, and making certain key decisions will be extremely important. Just make sure that you take all the time needed before coming to any major conclusions.

Children and romantic relationships should end up occupying a great deal of your time and attention today. And if you’re expected to make some sacrifices on behalf of a loved one, it should be easy for you to keep a positive spirit in spite of any obstacles or difficulties. Your imagination should be running high at the moment, so try to do something creative if you can today. Mantra: Courage.


02/19 - 03/20

Try to remain calm when confronted with any difficult situations that arise today. Just realize that everything should be settling down before long. And you ought to have a much better chance of approaching things constructively a little later on down the line.

Things will be getting a little complicated for you around the house today, and all sorts of home and family issues are bound to be absorbing a great deal of your attention. You may feel that others have been taking advantage of you in some way. But even if you’re right, just try not to react to things too emotionally right now. Mantra: Compassion.


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