Private Tutor and Swindler

In Vietnam, maybe the most popular for students who want to earn on their own is Private tutor. The vast majority of college student says they are now giving academic tutoring for children and teenagers.
Let me explain this first.
In order to get higher education, Vietnamese pupils have to pass 2 examinations: the first one is High school Graduation Examination which is hold at the early of June, the second is the University Entrance holding in July. You can find lots more information about these events on Internet.

Preuniversity-ers sitting for the entrance exam

It is important to pass both exams. But before 2006, parents and pupils often considered the second one as more crucial. Therefore, pupils focused only on subjects in group which they were required to sit in exams. That resulted in, after high school, some of us were really good at Geography, History, and others were good at other subjects.
Those who are good at studying and in capable of teaching can be private tutors.

A private tutor and a pupil

I am pretty good at English and Literature so I choose to be an English tutor despite the fact that I do not like this work much.
I love working and communicating with people, that is the reason. And I find out that I become much more patient over time. I hope that these experiences will be helpful for guiding my own children in the future, too.
The problem today is, I have a bad pupil.
He is at the same age to me and his family is pretty rich. His parents are my mother’s friends. They suggested that I give him 3 lesson per week.
I have been teaching him for about 6 months. It should have been counted at least 60 lessons. The problem was, he often text me to be off as his family had business to do with him. As a consequence, we achieved less than a third of my expectations.
(Believe me, that is not very fun.)
That is not nice at all, but, al right, though.
However, I was upset because of his absences and asked him to tell his mum to phone me, whenever he had to stay at home for family events, at the start of March, 2011.
Not until his mother phoned me to ask about the monthly fee for March, I had not been aware that he had been cheating me for a long time. I had even blamed the parents for being too easy to their son, on my mind, for sure.

A reason?

I did not know that he still went out and got home on time every lesson, and took lots of money from his mother to spend around. Damn him!
I really got crazy about those facts!
What makes me disappointed is, he is now at my age and is not on the right track. He is such a lucky guy to have wealthy parents who are able to provide him with any thing he wants, and ready to invest in his study without any doubts, confusion, or considerations. If only he could take positive advantages from those, he would be successful, or at least, not as terrible as he is now.
What makes my anger on top is, his fucking stupid behaviours may badly affect my reputation. What if he have to sit for a real TOEIC one day, while his brain is just empty? Everyone will blame me for his failure.
To prevent any misbehaviour from him, I have discussed with his mother on the scheme and method of payment. Finally we have agreed that her husband would phone me if necessary, and I would inform the monthly fee directly to her, no longer via her son, from now on.
I was a bit relieved, really.

(All the images is from the Internet and is not real character ^^)


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