Unemployed and A not very nice Weekend

Firstly, I must admit that I am out of work right now. That I am unemployed does not mean I am not working to earn my living. I am acting as a free-lance translator/editor. I specialize in Parenting and Psychological books.

In fact, last week, I received 5 offers from both new employers and familiar ones for being BoD Assistant because I met all their requirements for the vacancy. I said that I might need some time to consider their offers. However, I knew from the first stage that would never agree. I was tired of sticking to the office for a 9 – to – 5 job. I just want to be free and be able to work, go out, sleep or even eat whenever it is in my liking.

Perhaps I won’t apply for any professional job until I am ready for that again.

Secondly, I am writing about my Sunday.

Last Sunday was not very nice to me.

I was lacked of sleeping due to being hyperactive a few days ago.

For a couple of days, I have suffered sadness, happiness, nervosity, joy, frustration… Those were out of hands to me.

I was sunk by moods flood and eventually get depressed at the end of Sunday.

That was nothing but a nightmare triggered off my emotions.

After having lunch with daddy, I got to bed and took a short nap. Quickly, I felt into deep sleeping.

Then I saw him, exactly WE, holding hands, walking, living in sweet home and having wonderful time together. When had we been married? I had not seen any wedding.

Then my parents appeared. They pulled me away from him.

In loads of sarcasm, they forced me to go home, “Get home, bitch!”

Surprisingly, he did not show any reaction at all.

Is this a sign?

Sometimes I let go myself  but I am not the kind of girl who lives just for moment. I had never ever thought of living with a guy intimately without marriage till I met him.

I even thought that I would break all the rules for being with him. I no longer concerned if people would tell bad stuff around.

But Is it a sign that maybe He is not deserved my sacrifice and is leaving me alone once bad weather comes?

I often had such future-implying dreams so I was worried and painful.

Fortunately, my Sunday was not wound up so terrifying. I asked a friend to talk to me and he made a phone call just few minutes to midnight. Million thanks to his kindness.

Wish us a nice week!

Let’s listen to Britney for a playful new week!

See the sunlight, we ain’t stopping

Keep on dancing till the world ends


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